True Love’s Beginning

True Love's Beginning

Hello everyone!  I will be moving blog addresses starting today and completely effective as of February 10th.  I will still be blogging and all that jazz, just moving to a domain with hosting other than wordpress. So if you have us on your blogroll or follow list, or you are one of the many designers we blog for the new address will be:  Once Upon a Second Life.   If you don’t already know, the two of us, He Got Swag (Brayden Thirdborn) and Miss Painfully Hip (DanicaSaerwen), have decided to join blogs.  Why?  Well to start the story,  Brayden and I met here in Second Life.  We fell in love with each other and got married in world.  Then we decided to take it into the real life and began the start of a great relationship.  Four years later, here we are, married in Real Life, and of course living together.  Some say they don’t believe in fairy tales.  Well I do.  Because I’m living my fairy tale here in Real Life and in Second Life with the same amazing man and family.  So we want to share our Second Life with you.  Our fashion, our joy, our happiness, our passions, our family and much much more.  We hope you will continue following us here now through this storybook.  We love you all, our friends, family, fans, and followers.

❤ Dani & Brayden

-Dani’s Wardrobe-

-Bray’s Wardrobe-

Forever Is In Your Hands

Forever Is In Your HandsThere’s only one place I want to be, and that is in his arms.  He holds my heart in his hands.  This post is dedicated to him today.  I love you Brayden Thirdborn.  My Real Life and My Second Life.

Happy Mondays,

♥ Dani

What’s on Bray?  <——– Well click it and find out =P.



Everyone makes a home.  They say a home is where your heart is.  And my home is with this amazing man, Brayden Thirdborn.  He’s not only my Second Life, but he’s my Real Life too.  We’ve been together going on 4 years now and are engaged to be married in Real Life next summer.  I felt like doing a mushy post tonight with this great pose from Atooly, just because he shows me every day exactly why I fell in love with him and why I continue to fall more and more each day and why I’m always at home with him.  So to you baby!  I love you!

Andddddd if you’re wondering where you can find this awesome looking house behind me, it’s from a place called Tranquil Homes and they make some amazing homes!  You should go check it out.

If you wanna know what Bray is wearing too though, you can go HERE!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

♥ Dani

Riding On Love

BikeLoveHey lovelies.  I decided to do another post with my hubby, RL fiance, Brayden Thirdborn, aka HeGotSwag.   After getting him this awesome mesh hoody from monso for Valentine’s, I decided I wanted one for myself.  And what better way to showcase that than with the one I love?

We found this awesome prop with poses from Diesel Works that fit this just perfect!  I hope you all enjoy and have a great night!

Wanna see what Bray is wearing?  Click HERE!

♥ Dani

  • Skin:  Al Vulo – Ramona – Femme Fatale Sunkissed @ TDR Fusion
  • Shape:  Dani & Co.
  • Hair:  Burley – Stasia – Light Blondes
  • Hoody:  monso – My Fur Hoody Mesh – White  **NEW**
  • Feet:  Gos Boutique – Arched Barefeet
  • Eyes:  Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes – Desert Dawn Shadow
  • Prop/Pose:  Diesel Works – DFYV – BMX Grey

My Salvation

Welcome To SalvationHey lovelies!  I had time for another quick post today and my hubby Brayden needed me for a really nice pose for CNS- Emotion that I decided to model with him =D.

I hope you all are having a lovely day!  Except for the rain here I’m having a wonderful one =D.

If you fellas want to check out what Bray is wearing you can click HERE!

Happy Shopping!

♥ Dani